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Global Partner Supplication (GPS)

Regular GPS reports and requests are provided here for prayer and praise but only if they are not a security risk for our partners or the people they are seeking to reach. Use GPS to ignite a passion for praying for the fame of His Name among all peoples. You can pray over all our Global Partners here and you can follow this Global Partner Prayer Guide here.

Shout Out to Those Successfully Finishing the Perspectives Course!

May 4, 2017 - Congrats are due to Dana Luehring, Randy & Esther Wehner, Gwen Regas, Amber Regas, Tyler Adrian, and Jeremy Bollman along with alumni Bill Bollman and Chris Regas for successfully participating in the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course here in the Northland. Special shout out to Randy & Esther for persevering in pursuing the Certificate Level with the required reading. Pastor Chris taught Lesson 4 - Mandate to the Nations for the first time as well. Next year's course is being set now with the potential for two courses here in the Northland. The investment of our Faith Promise Giving in scholarships to help make this possible has the potential to pay eternal dividends in getting the gospel to the unreached and unengaged! Congratulate these brothers and sisters when you see them and continue to pray for fruit to remain from this stretching experience! Contact Pastor Chris for info on the 2018 course.

BBC Asia Graduation Report from Global Partner Jordan Nisly (May 1, 2017)

Last month we celebrated a momentous commencement for Baptist Bible College Asia. This concluded another successful school year, recognizing the graduating class of students for their faithful commitment to their studies. This year BBCAsia graduated 762 students, fulfilling its aim to train effective leaders for the 21st Century. Many of these students were already serving in ministry as they studied, either as volunteers or pastors who desired a greater equipping for their ministry. Some of our students have been taking double the school load, attending full-time at a secular college at the request of their parents and full-time at BBCA, where they desired to attend to grow in their Christian faith. All of our graduates have persevered in their studies this year and we anticipate the incredible journey the Lord has in store for each of them to proclaim His Gospel and bring Him glory. It is gratifying to play a small part in preparing our students for that future through instructing them in God's Word.

This year’s graduation proved to be a special occasion in the annals of the school’s history. We awarded Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao with an honorary degree in recognition for his very public Christian testimony and influence for the Gospel. Pacquiao has served as a senator since 2016 after six years  in the Philippine House of Representatives, but it is his role as a professional boxer that has brought him international acclaim, having won numerous world titles in multiple divisions and weight classes. Although he had planned to attend, the day before graduation he was called away by the President of the Philippines for a special function and unfortunately had to change his plans, but he sent his personal assistant to read his speech in his stead.
Also of significance this year, InTouch Ministries, founded by Dr. Charles Stanley, gifted a tablet to each of the fourth year graduating students in recognition of their hard work and perseverance.

It was a satisfying conclusion to Jordan's first year serving the students, professors and deans of BBCA as Registrar of the college. During this past year he has been able to teach a couple classes, build relationships with students, tour our 16 campuses and speak in chapels, spend time encouraging our volunteer professors, and introduce new systems to help improve our organizational and administrative efforts. We look forward to reporting on even greater accomplishments this coming school year.

Church Officially Established in Argentina (Apr 16, 2017)

Dear Brothers:
I wanted to share with you that by the grace of our Lord on the first of may we will be serving eight years in Cachi and last night we have officially established the Bible Church of Cachi, having first signed the pact between the first members and held the Lord's supper.
Pray that His grace will be extended to each of them and that the Lord will continue to add to His church.
Thanks to all of you for your support and faithful prayers.
The Lord bless you,
Pastor Marcelo Brondo
Cachi, Argentina


Check Out Resurrection Sunday with Our Global Partners

Easter in Nepal

Pray for Our Global Partner Sasha Rasmussen (Apr 13, 2017)

We are headed off to our annual college ministry spiritual retreat. Please be praying for all 55 of us as we seek to learn more about our risen Savior and what it means to live always in His presence. Please pray that the lost students who are going would be touched by the preaching of the gospel and respond in repentance and faith! Thank you for your prayers in advance!

Help Rodger & Lynne Schmidt This Sunday (Apr 4, 2017)

Thank you for helping our Global Partners get the following items as they prepare to leave for Mozambique: pediatric & adult rehydration packets, moistened burn gauze, tea tree oil, anti-fungal cream, and icy hot. These items have been shipped! They will be used to build bridges for the gospel to people on Mozambique Island.

From Our Global Partner Jordan Nisly - Island Hopping with the Gospel (Feb 28, 2017)

A little over three years ago, Super Typhoon Yolanda (or Haiyan as it was known here) struck the central Philippines, 145 mph winds wreaking havoc on the smaller islands and resulting in devastating loss of life. Homes were destroyed, electricity and cell service took months to restore, and the debris still remains in many areas. Though our ministry was not directly impacted, we felt a tremendous burden from the LORD to minister to those who were. Members of our Global Surge missionary team visited the region and God led them to the doorstep of Pastor Dennis Mendoza, a lifelong native of Bantayan Island. During the following year, we were able to raise money and help rebuild many homes as well as repair Bantayan Baptist Church, its Christian school, and its two daughter churches on the island.

To be honest, we thought that would be the end of our involvement on Bantayan, but God had other plans. With the leftover money from the relief effort, we were able to build Pastor Dennis a boat. For years he had been burdened by the dozens of smaller islands around Bantayan, all with a minimal Christian presence and no Christian churches. We began to partner with Pastor Dennis to help support his efforts to start Bible studies on those islands, bringing teams down to help with VBS and evangelistic outreach.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Bantayan with fellow GS missionary Trevor McNellis, who has been instrumental in working with Pastor Dennis. During my time there we visited one island, Biagayag, where a great many people have accepted Christ, and Pastor Dennis is ready to move forward with building a church there. Another day we accompanied Pastor Dennis and his people on their very first visit to the island of Moamboc. During our time there we were able to invite people to join us in the village square. Some ladies from Pastor Dennis’ church played games, sang songs and taught a Bible story to the children while Pastor Dennis introduced himself to a gathering of 20 adults, preaching the Gospel to them. At first, the people were wary of these strangers on their island and kept their distance, but after ministering to the children, they began to open up, and an incredible shift in their demeanor occurred, as they became engaged with what Pastor Dennis was sharing. Almost everyone present responded to the Gospel and prayed with Pastor Dennis concerning salvation.

There is so much in store in the future to take the Gospel to the people of these islands, to see churches planted in these communities, to raise up local men to be trained as pastors, and to see a whole generation of people transformed by the Gospel on Bantayan. Next month construction will begin on a pastoral training center funded by one of our supporting churches in the U.S. I myself am working with Pastor Dennis to establish Baptist Bible College Asia on Bantayan to help him train up leaders in the flourishing ministry there and will be traveling down again soon. There is so much potential for the Gospel to spread through these islands. God has used the tragedy of Yolanda to open the door into these islands for the message of Jesus Christ to take root. Please pray for the following things:

  • Pastor Dennis and the people in his ministry as they serve and share the Gospel.
  • For God to raise up men who would be able to lead new church plants on these islands. Already Pastor Dennis' brother Michael has surrendered to the ministry and is planning on planting a church on the island of Doong.
  • Pray for me as I travel down to Bantayan several more times in the coming months and prepare to help Pastor Dennis launch his BBCA campus.